black round lamp accessory with USB attachment | transparent background | NESTOUT | modern camping gear
beige flashlight accessory attached to NESTOUT portable rugged battery on tripod being used for camping | innovative outdoor technology
beige lamp accessory for NESTOUT portable batteries | transparent background
demonstration of NESTOUT LAMP-1 in use with the NESTOUT 5K power bank - 10-350 lumens - 360 degree wide coverage - IP44 water resistant - soft diffused light - rugged hard shell - stepless light adjustment - designed to pair with nestout batteries - innovative camping accessories for 2024
what's in the box: a light & spacer, storage pouch, mini tripod that screws into the battery | accessories for power banks | items for camping checklist
NESTOUT 5k battery in use with the lamp attachment - rugged outdoor lighting equipment for content creators - light with a tripod - water resistant camping gear
water & dust resistant IP44 rated to protect against water splash and particles
how to use graphic: 1. install the tripod by screwing it into the battery - 2. screw on the spacer - 3. snap the light into the USB port - 4. turn on using the lantern-like valve
tripod comes with a bottom hook for use with carabiners
perfect camping light accessory to hang from roof of tent

LAMP-1 Gear

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Color Beige


Light up your outdoor adventures with our durable lamp. Adjust the brightness to help you see during your activities and tasks or use a softer light to create ambiance at your campsite.


Pair with the NESTOUT power bank to ensure a reliable lighting setup while you are active outdoors. The lamp offers 1.5-17 hours of extended use, resisting water and dust so the light always shines through. Activate gear mode for 12 hours of continuous use with NESTOUT gear. Explore confidently with resilient and versatile illumination.

What's in the Box

  • Light & Spacer
  • Storage Pouch
  • Mini Tripod

Portable Battery sold separately.

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